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Welcome to Windermere Animal Hospital

Windermere Animal Hospital is proud to serve the Fishers area for everything pet related. Our veterinary clinic and animal hospital is run by owner Roger Nix, who is a licensed, experienced Fishers veterinarian. Windermere Animal Hospital treats every pet with the latest advances in veterinarian technology as well as concern and compassion. Our team takes great joy in helping clients keep their pets healthy year round, with good nutrition, exercise, and education.

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Veterinary Care in Fishers, IN

We all want the best care for our pets. That’s why, at Windermere Animal Hospital, we’re proud to provide quality care for your furry friends. Our medical treatments are safe, gentle, and effective, giving your pet the healthiest life possible.

Our veterinary staff has the skill and experience to treat many animals, breeds, and conditions. Learn more about our practice and high-quality veterinary solutions in Fishers, IN.

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Pet Medical Services

You can feel confident knowing your pet is healthy with regular preventative health check-ups. Our experienced veterinarians prioritize services that allow your pets to live happy, fulfilling lives at any age. Protect your special friends’ health at Windermere Animal Hospital.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

Animals’ teeth are also susceptible to wear and decay without regular dental cleanings. Our team of careful and observant veterinarians is experienced with animal dental care and can identify possible underlying problems fast. We’ll work to quickly treat and correct any oral hygiene problems, helping your pet live a life without dental pain.

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Emergency & Urgent Pet Care

At Sherlock Bones Animal Hospital, your pets’ well-being is our utmost priority. That’s why we provide several types of emergency care at our clinic in Fishers.

If you’re experiencing a pet emergency, don’t hesitate to call our Fishers office at (317) 841-1846 and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Professional Grooming

Our professional groomers have experience with long- and short-haired furry friends. We pride ourselves in grooming your pets gently, so they aren’t afraid of hair and nail care. Windermere Animal Hospital’s grooming services give your pet year-round comfort with advanced equipment and a staff that loves every animal like it’s their own.

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Trustworthy Boarding

We know how hard it is to leave your pets at home on vacations or business trips. At our Fishers animal hospital, your pet can be comfortable and calm while you’re gone. We’ll do everything we can to get to know your animal and what helps them relax while you’re gone, so you can feel confident that your pet is happy while you’re away.

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Get High-Quality Pet Care at Windermere Animal Hospital

Our Fishers, IN veterinarians work hard to give every pet the best possible care. We proudly provide the best possible services during extended emergency hours, so your pets get the best care possible.

You can count on our experienced veterinarians to keep your pets healthy and happy. Our grooming services keep them fresh year-round, while boarding keeps a watchful eye on them while you’re away. Schedule an appointment today at our Fishers, IN animal hospital by calling (317) 841-1846.

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