Pet Microchipping in Fishers, IN

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There are lots of different things that you will want to do when you become the loving owner of a new pet. There are also some things that you should do, and that you should make a priority once you bring your newest addition home. As well as sorting out her preventative care, registering her with your vet and getting her settled into your home, one of your next priorities should be arranging to get her microchipped.

What is pet microchipping and how does it work?

Microchipping is a fairly new method of identification that sees a tiny, grain of rice-sized microchip, placed under your pet’s skin – usually between the shoulder blades where your pet is a mammal. More unusual pets may have their microchips placed in slightly different locations. Each microchip is pre-loaded with a unique reference number as well as details of the microchip provider. It lies completely dormant until it comes into close proximity with an RFID (radio-frequency) scanner – something which regular owners don’t have, but most veterinarians and shelters opt into purchasing so that they can run checks on recovered animals. When the microchip is scanned, it sends out the information stored on it via radio-frequency, and this information can be read on the screen of the scanner. The person that finds and scans your pet can then get in touch with the microchip provider to let them know that your pet has been recovered. They, or potentially whoever finds your pet depending on what service your microchip provider offers, can then contact you so that you can make arrangements to collect her.

Why microchip my pet instead of using a collar and tag?

Microchipping your pet may sound extreme, but it has been proven to be the most reliable way of attaching your personal identification to an animal and research has shown that pets who have been microchipped are considerably more likely to be successfully reunited with their owner in the event that they become lost or stolen. There are several reasons for this, including:

  • Microchips are tamper-proof. Since they are placed under your pet’s skin and are permanent, they cannot be removed like a collar and tag.
  • Microchips can’t fall off – a common issue with collars and tags.
  • You can put more information on the microchip registry than you can a collar and tag. This can be important if your pet has any health problems that may need to be taken into account by who finds her. For example, if your pet is recovered but requires emergency veterinary care, knowing about any underlying health issues can be extremely valuable when it comes to choosing the correct treatment.
  • Owners can obtain a sense of closure should the worst happen. Unfortunately, many pets that have gone missing or been stolen pass away before they can be reunited with their owners. However, if this is the case and the owner can still be traced, they can be reunited with their beloved pet to say goodbye and, if they wish, choose to bury or cremate them.

Does microchipping hurt?

Many owners are concerned about the microchipping process is painful, but it is no different from receiving a vaccination. Your pet might feel a small scratch that is over in just a few seconds and will quickly recover with a little love and affection from you.

Are my personal details safe if I microchip my pet?

Identity fraud is a very real concern for many patients and with good reason. However, most reputable microchip providers are extremely dedicated to their cybersecurity, investing heavily in the technology needed to keep your personal details extremely safe. If you are concerned about the security of your data, your chosen microchip provider will be happy to alleviate your concerns.

If you haven’t yet microchipped your pet and you would like to arrange an appointment for this procedure, or if you have any questions about pet microchipping and its benefits, please don’t hesitate to contact us and get in touch with our experienced veterinary team at our offices in Fishers, IN.


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