Individualized Flea Control Programs in Fishers, IN

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Preventative care is one of the key responsibilities of any pet parent. There are many illnesses, diseases, and parasites that can affect our animals, some more serious than others but all that is very unpleasant for your pet to experience. Fleas are undoubtedly one of the most common types of parasites, and without adequate protection, your furbaby is almost guaranteed to experience at least one infestation during their lifetime. Fortunately, a robust flea control program can help to ensure that they never have to suffer from this problem.

We understand that every pet is unique and has individual health requirements and certain types of preventatives that suit them best. As such, we are proud to offer individualized flea control programs which ensure that your pet has the very best protection against these unpleasant parasites.

Why a flea control program is so important for your pet

Most people have heard of fleas, but very few understand the full implications that a flea infestation can have for your pet, your family and your home.

Fleas are microscopic, wingless parasites that live on the outside of your pet’s body and will burrow down deep into their fur. They consume blood for nutrients and will view your furbaby as an all-you-eat-buffet. Unfortunately, their saliva contains toxins that are highly irritating to your pet, causing the extreme itching that fleas are known for. Many animals are actually allergic to flea saliva, and the symptoms that they experience are heightened because of this. Flea saliva is also toxic to humans and unfortunately, they aren’t fussy when it comes to their next meal source. This means that people in your home will almost certainly become a meal for your unwanted visitors too.

There are several things that make fleas particularly difficult to deal with. Firstly, they have an incredibly short reproductive cycle, and just a few fleas can turn into hundreds in a matter of weeks. If this happens, not only will your pet’s symptoms worsen, but they could be at serious risk of developing anemia. This is when there aren’t enough red blood cells circulating around your pet’s body, and this can cause very debilitating symptoms.

Another serious problem with flea infestations is that they are very hard to treat. You need to eradicate the fleas at every stage of their lifecycle, but since eggs drop off onto carpets and soft furnishings anywhere in your home or yard, and can become buried and hidden away, ensuring that you’ve got them all can be challenging. A serious regular cleaning routine, boil washing, and home treatments are needed as well as treating your pet if you are to truly get rid of all the fleas from your home.

How an individualized flea control program can help

There are many different preventatives available that can protect your pet against fleas, and these are available in many forms, including:

  • Collars
  • Oral medications
  • Topical treatments such as lotions, shampoos, and gels
  • Spot-on treatments

Many flea control products also protect animals against other parasites such as ticks too, and plenty of owners prefer these as it limits the number of different products that they need to invest in. Our team will be happy to help you find the variety of preventative that is most suited to your furbaby. We can also advise you on products that are suitable to protect your home.

Flea preventatives are only effective for a period of time before they need to be re-administered. Doing this on time is crucial as being even just a few days late could leave your pet vulnerable to fleas. Setting reminders to administer flea treatments is a valuable way to remind yourself when they are due.

If you would like to inquire about an individualized flea control program for your pet, please contact our animal hospital in Fishers, IN.


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