Pet Grooming in Fishers, IN

Perfect Your Pet’s Coat

Your pet deserves to feel comfortable, cool, and clean at all times. But sometimes, cleaning your pet’s fur and doing other necessary grooming can feel like an overwhelming task. At-home dog and cat grooming often ends with a frustrated owner and an uncomfortable pet. 

That’s why, at Windermere Animal Hospital, we offer quality pet grooming packages that ensure compassionate care from trained professionals. Discover our dog and cat grooming services by reading our guide below.

How Grooming Protects Your Pet

Frequent professional grooming services are crucial for your pets’ health. These treatments allow groomers to get a better understanding of your pet’s health. From skin and nails to their teeth, we’ll find any underlying irregularities or potential problems. Our expert Fisher, IN vet will address these issues with you and determine the best solution for your furry one. 

We’re happy to treat every animal that enters our office. For the safety of our patients, however, your pet must be up-to-date on their vaccinations before we can provide our services.

The Pet Grooming Process

We feature several packages that give your pet a shiny, healthy coat and calm skin. Our expert groomers provide the following services during their grooming appointment:

  • Bath
  • Fur detangling/dematting
  • Ear cleaning
  • Eye exam

Your Pet’s Regular Appointment

We’ll begin your pet’s routine appointment with a complimentary eye exam. This test is crucial because animals can’t communicate when their eyesight changes. Frequently checking the health of their eyes allows us to provide treatment for eye health issues𑁋even if you hadn’t noticed any signs. 

The next step in the process involves washing and removing any tangles and mats from their fur. We’ll use a gentle soap to clean their skin and rid them of dry skin flakes, dirt, and excess oil. This bathing process will leave their skin and fur naturally moisturized!

We’ll also clean around your fuzzy friend’s eyes and ears, clipping away any fur that’s blocking their eyesight or tickling the insides of their ears. Our professional and experienced groomers will do everything they can to make your pet feel comfortable at our office and during their everyday lives. Their soothing voices and swift yet calm techniques will give your furry best friend a sense of security and pampering that they’ll look forward to.

Three before pet grooming photo angles of a very fluffy gray cat
Four after pet grooming images of a cat after their grooming appointment

Add-on Services

You may need a more extensive grooming service that requires specialized training and attention from our dog and cat groomers. Thankfully, these services are available as add-ons to your general pet grooming appointment.

Anal Gland Expression

Both cats and dogs have two glands near their anus called anal glands or sacs. When your pets are healthy, their anal glands should naturally release a secretion to help them mark their territory. However, these glands can become clogged and increase your animal family member’s risk of infection and discomfort.

In these cases, our groomers can express your pets’ glands to help alleviate any inflammation and pain. Expressing the glands involves putting pressure against them to release the built-up secretions. This release gives your pet an instant sense of relief from any extent of a clogged anal gland. 

Shedding Treatments

If your pet has a thick undercoat or excessively sheds, our groomers have just the service for you. Shedding treatments are a way to quickly remove fur all at once instead of letting it gradually shed all over your house. Dogs especially love this treatment because it allows their skin to breathe and helps regulate their body temperature during warmer months. 

Express Dog and Cat Grooming Service

Many animals find the grooming process uncomfortable and upsetting, no matter how calm and soothing our groomers are. That’s why we offer express grooming for pets with anxiety and nervous issues. A faster appointment with hyper-focus helps us get your pet back into your arms as soon as possible, reducing their physical anxiety symptoms.

A striped cat with white sides and a white underbelly has its tail wrapped under it. The cat has been groomed by our professional pet grooming services.

Nail Filing

When dogs’ nails become too long, they curve down and push against the floor. Long, unattended-to-nails may make it difficult for your dog to go for walks or do their favorite activities. The natural curvature of their nails puts upward pressure on their paws. Our groomers offer filing services that include a relaxing, painless pedicure for your dog. Filing is the most accurate way to give your dog shorter nails without cutting too close to the paw and skin. 

Ask about this procedure and more when you call to make your appointment with our dog and cat groomers at Windermere Animal Hospital.

A black poodle is well-groomed and smiling on our professional pet grooming table.

Treat Your Pet to Whole-Body Grooming

Give your pet a spa day at Windermere Animal Hospital in Fishers, IN. Our calm, professional dog and cat groomers are uniquely qualified to beautify your pets. From washing their fur and skin to examining their eyesight, we’ll treat your pets with respect and kindness from the moment they walk in our door.

Our compassionate veterinary team loves animals and meeting every single one of their needs. Discover how we can help your pet feel like their best by scheduling your grooming appointment. Contact us today by calling (317) 841-1846 to speak to one of our helpful team members.


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