Top Ways to Celebrate National Cat Month

A cat lays on its back and smiles in its owners lap. Its owner is celebrating national cat month.

National Cat Month is an excellent time of year to snuggle up with your favorite feline and celebrate all the goodness they bring to their life. While this time of year is certainly a fantastic opportunity to give your furry friend a little more loving, it’s also a great time to provide them with a bit of extra nurturing for their health and wellness. At Windermere Animal Hospital, we know just the trick to give your cat a little extra love during their very own celebration month!

Make Your Cat a Focus

It’s no secret that you love your cat, but now is the perfect time to prove it! Take some time out of your busy schedule to remind your favorite kitty just how much they mean to you. While extra scratches behind the ear and catnip are a great place to start, we also encourage you to make their health a priority, too. After all, quality vet care could make all the difference in the longevity of your cat’s life. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

House Calls for Cats

Is your pet needing a little extra care, but coming into the office just proves to be too much? Then house calls may be the way to go. Ask your veterinarian about house call options so that your cat can still receive optimal care without stressing them out along the way. This could be a great option for anxious or elderly felines. Click here to call today!

Joint Charge for Cats

As your cat ages, their joints do as well. Perhaps you’ve noticed that their movements are slower now. If so, then your cat may benefit from a joint charge. Dr. Nix offers a supplement that is a lubricant as well. It’s an odorless and colorless mixture that can go directly over your pet’s food. You won’t have to battle them to eat it because they will never even know it’s there! This will help get your cat back to moving a bit better. For more information on Joint Charge, please click here!

Cat Grooming

Give your cat a little pick-me-up with their very own day at the groomers. Our services typically include a bath, brush, nail trim, and ear cleaning. This may be a chore that you’ve been putting off, or maybe you just want it done the professional way—either way, we are happy to help! Of course, we can also discuss the specific needs of your cat to ensure that he or she gets the very best care. Your feline will walk away looking their absolute best! For grooming specials, please click here!

Annual Care

National Cat Month is also a great time to get in all of your yearly care needs, such as vaccines and dentistry. Getting these services right now will serve as a great reminder next year and the future. We know that services like these can add up, but there’s never been a better time to save. In fact, we have coupons for both! Make your cat’s health a priority during this special time of year so that you may enjoy them for more years to come. For more information on annual care packages, please click here!