Fun Summer Things to Do With Your Pets

A dog is on vacation, drinking a fruity cocktail on the beach. He's wearing sunglasses during the summer.

Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the chance to make a fresh batch of new memories with your family – human and animal alike. Most pets enjoy the summer months just as much as we do, with the longer days and warmer temperatures making many more different outdoor activities possible.

Here are some great ideas for fun summer things to do with your pet.

Head out for a hike

Dogs make excellent hiking companions, which is a great exercise for both you and them. It also gives you the opportunity to explore some new areas and see some exciting wildlife. Before your go, make sure that your canine pal is properly socialized so that they aren’t scared or nervous around other dogs, and that they have great recall so that they aren’t confined to being on the leash. Also take plenty of supplies, including freshwater and a collapsible bowl so that you can offer your pet a drink at regular intervals. Remember that high temperatures can make exercise much harder for your dog, so if it is particularly hot or humid you should keep walks fairly short and avoid the middle of the day which is the hottest.

Schedule a camping trip

Dogs also make great camping companions as they enjoy sleeping outdoors or under canvas. You don’t even have to go for very long if you struggle to schedule the time off. Just a night or two is a great way to spend the weekend, especially if you find a location that offers some fantastic facilities such as walking or hiking trails, or a lake for watersports.

Pool party!

Swimming is a great exercise for your pet, but it is also super fun and a top way for your dog to cool down when the temperatures are high. If your dog can’t swim, you’ll need to teach them before you can let them loose, but most canines pick it up very quickly. You can also buy doggy life vests which will help to keep your pet safe, particularly if you can’t keep an eye on them constantly.

Host a pet-friendly BBQ

Summer means BBQ and what better to way to celebrate the season than by ensuring your BBQ is pet-friendly too? If your four-legged pal has some furry friends of his own, why not invite them round for a playdate. Humans can enjoy their food and you can supply some doggo treats and play some games with them.

Capture the moment

Memories fade but photographs last a lifetime, so whatever you are planning on doing with your pet this summer, make sure that you record the evidence by taking plenty of pictures. These will be great to look back on for years to come.

Pack up a picnic

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Sitting outside in the sunshine eating al fresco is some owner’s favorite pastime and your pet will enjoy it too. Picnics can be taken virtually anywhere, and the best bit is you can pack all of your (and your dog’s) favorite foods!

Head to the beach

If you live close enough, visiting the beach is a great way to spend the day. Most dogs love frolicking on the sand and running in and out of the water. Make sure that you go prepared with a large umbrella so that you can offer your pet some shade, particularly when the sun is at its hottest, and take plenty of water since seawater isn’t safe for them to drink and they could quickly get dehydrated. Don’t forget the toys either – a frisbee or ball will provide hours of entertainment!

Knock up some cool summer treats

Homemade frozen dog treats will be hugely popular with your canine companion and they make a great reward for training and games. Frozen peanut butter popsicles, frozen bananas, and watermelon ice cream are particular favorites amongst many doggos.

For more fun summer things to do with your pet, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable veterinary team.