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A small happy dog in a grassy field

What is Cytopoint?

Itching and scratching are normal habits for dogs and can occur for a variety of reasons. Most scratching is intermittent and nothing to worry about, but if your dog seems to be spending more time scratching than not, it’s clear that there is a problem that needs attention. When dogs…
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A blonde dog is panting while its owner holds his collar without itching from dermatitis.

How Cytopoint® is Making a Difference For Dogs With Dermatitis

You’ve probably heard of dermatitis, but you may not be aware that it affects dogs just as much as humans. Canine dermatitis can affect all breeds and ages, and while some dogs will escape with just isolated episodes of the condition, other dogs will suffer from chronic dermatitis all of…
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A blonde dog touches his nose to an orange striped cat. They're both clean and well-groomed.

Top Benefits of Grooming Your Pets

Grooming your pet may not be at the top of your list of priorities, but as a responsible pet owner, it can be one of the most important ways to look after them. As well as keeping your pet clean and presentable, keeping them well-groomed can provide a variety of…
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A brown and white jack russell sits on the floor with a santa hat on. He's well-groomed, even during the winter.

6 Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy During the Cold, Wet Months

Winter is here and with the colder and less predictable weather comes a number of pet ownership challenges. You’re probably prepared for things like changing your pet’s diet and giving them extra blankets or winter booties to keep them warm. However, one area of animal care that often gets overlooked…
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A collie sits on a stump. He is a senior collie.

Top Tips on How to Care for a Senior Pet

Younger pets usually require supervision and constant care to keep them from getting into mischief or dangerous situations. When they reach old age, the reasons for caring for them change. The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends pet owners to look after the needs of their older pets more. Senior pets…
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A white and tan dog with its tongue sticking out

Why Natural Heartworm Treatment Doesn’t Work

Nowadays, you will see a lot of people looking for ways to lead a more natural lifestyle. And some pet owners want to include their animal companions in using green products. Your veterinarian may not frown upon an all-natural, balanced dog food. But he or she will likely take a…
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A brown and white little dog outside on the grass with its tongue out

Helping Your Pet Adjust When You Return to Work

Just as staying safe and well at home during COVID-19 was a profound change for many people, pets also have experienced significant adjustments in their everyday lives. With most people compelled to stay at home and away from others, many companion animals spend more time with their families. But what…
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A husky drinking water out of their owners hands outside on the grass

Dog Days of Summer! 8 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Dog in the Summer

Summer is here and with the long, sunny days and warm temperature comes the opportunity to have heaps of fun with your canine best friend. However, summer also creates some dog ownership challenges and if you aren’t fully prepared, you could potentially be putting your pet in danger. To help…
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A veterinarian in a white coat holding a dog and cat

Importance of Vaccinating Your Pets

Pets, like humans, can be protected from diseases by vaccination. Pet vaccinations play an important role in keeping both your pet and your family healthy because some diseases can be spread to your family if the pet is not vaccinated. Also, vaccinating your pet can help reduce the costs you…
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A small brown and white dog caught a teal frisbee in his mouth. He has big eyes and there could be mosquitos around.

How Mosquitos Can Not Only Harm Humans But Can Also Cause Heartworms in Your Pet

Most humans think of mosquitos as being annoying pests that, if you are unlucky, can give you an incredibly itchy and irritating bite. However, mosquitos can carry diseases that are harmful to humans and are the primary carrier of heartworms which can be fatal for your pet. Parasite prevention for…
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